World of Warcraft Gold Guide

World of Warcraft is an ever evolving game where talents, major cities and raids change all the time. However, one thing often remains - the need for gold. For seasoned players, this might not be much of an issue, but for newer or casual players, it can mean the difference among getting very important gear upgrades or sitting down on the sidelines while your guild raids without you. Without a appropriate wow gold guide, it can be seriously hard to determine how to earn enough money to survive in this virtual world. As Mists of Pandaria approaches on September 25th, just about everyone need to be trying to accumulate enough gold to gear up, buy new skills, level professions and obtain the newest level of traveling by air. Fortunately, players can obtain gold by doing dailies, running old dungeons and raids or generating items with their professions.

world of warcraft gold guides

Doing Dailies

everyday quests were introduced at the end of the Burning Crusades expansion. These quests are allowed to be taken and completed each day for gold. However, a player can only complete 25 of these quests per day. The every singleday limit of 25 quests is going to be removed in Mists of Pandaria. Each subsequent expansion has followed the same path and offers many dailies for players to take. The higher the expansion, the more gold that is obtainable from daily quests. This will not make a player rich, but completing 25 day-to-day quests in Cataclysm can net a max level character 250 - 300 gold. The following areas have day-to-day quests available:

world of warcraft gold guides

Burning Crusades

Blackwind Landing, Terokkar Forest

Ogri'la, Blade's Edge Mountains

Skyguard Outpost, Blade's Edge Mountains

Netherwing Ledge, Shadowmoon Valley

Sun's Reach, Isle of Quel'Danas

Lich King

Howling Fjord

Grizzly Hills

The Argent Tournament

Ice Crown

Sons of Hodir

Knights of the Ebon Blade

Wyrmrest Accord

Sholazar Basin

Venture Bay




Twilight Highlands

Tol Barad

Running Old Dungeons and Raids

Running old dungeons or raids can add a Little gold to a character's bags and also provide a plethora of items that are able to be sold on the auction house. Depending on the class and spec, most maximum level characters can easily do the following raids or dungeons by themselves or with one other person:

Vanilla WoW

All raids and dungeons for level 60 or under are easily doable by one person. However, most will not provide much of a financial benefit besides items that might sell on the auction house.

Burning Crusades

All dungeons, heroic or regular, are a wonderful place to pick up high selling junk items, clothes or even epic items. Some even have rare items, normally pets, that drop and can be sold on the auction house for a lot of gold.

Karazhan: Kara is easily solo-able and a character can expect to leave the raid with 400 - 500 gold and items to sell.

Gruul's Lair: This raid will require either a tank or a healer. However, the first phase is very difficult and might require high level gear to do.

Magtheridon's Lair: This raid can be done, but having a healer is highly recommended.

Serpentshrine Cavern: Most of the bosses in this raid are able to be defeated with ease, except the last boss. The overwhelming adds might prove difficult for most characters.

The Eye: The Eye will require a healer and the last boss might be too much if 3 or more players are not available.

Black Temple: The Black Temple will also require a healer and most groups can get through the majority of bosses with ease. However, some boss mechanics might stop a group from receiving to the last boss.

Sunwell Plateau: This raid will require a group of 4 or more to be able to clear it.

Lich King

All of the standard Lich King dungeons are able to be cleared with ease. However, the heroic versions might be hard for some classes.

All of the Lich King raids will require at least 3 or 4 men and women to complete.


All of the current content will require more than one person to complete. Raids will be virtually impossible without a full raid group, but some of the lower level dungeons can be completed with a healer in the group.

Utilizing Professions

The profitability of professions varies goodly from realm to realm. Some realms have less players and this generally drives up the pricing for specific products. However, gathering professions are at all times a sure way to make money and must be included in just about every wow gold guide.

First, head over to an auction house and search for items that are in high need. Once a good item is positioned, farm the components and put them on the auction house for less than every singleone else.

If you have a crafting profession, this can often be difficult. It is often better to judge the raw cost of the supplies to make an item prior to actually crafting it. More often than not, the raw resources will be more profitable than the item itself. However, there is constantly an item in high need for each profession. Enchants, gems and glyphs are at all times needed by characters.

Enchanters have the amazing benefit of disenchanting items and selling the components for a respectable price. Typically, old expansion components are easy to get and can be farmed in all of the expansion's dungeons and raids. Not only can a character make gold from the components, but they will pick up gold and items in the approach.

World of Warcraft makes it easy for players to enjoy the game and make gold while having fun. However, without a wow gold guide, players often find it hard to make the gold they need for all of their endeavors. With just a Little endurance, and some diligence, players will be able to obtain all the gold they need for repairs, potions, professions, gear and the latest item enchants.


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